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Opening times

Monday to Friday 7.30am – 6.00pm

Breakfast cklub - 7.30am - 8am

Full day 8am-6pm

Morning session: 8am - 1pm
Afternoon session: 1pm - 6pm

Please note we only provide half days for the preschool Puffins.

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What to expect, when?

Policies and procedures

Below are links to PDF documents outlining our various policies and procedures at Harestock Nursery.

1. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The revised Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) published in 2017 has reduced the number of required written policies including those for health and safety, risk assessment, equality and managing behaviour. In the main, this is because these policies are covered by other statutory documents such as health and safety legislation. 

Harestock Nursery has decided to continue to include these policies within the EYFS section, as the EYFS continues to require providers to have systems in place for example to follow health and safety legislation, to meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and to be responsible for managing children’s behaviour in an appropriate way. We feel it is our best interest to have written policies in place to support practice, consistency across staff, to provide clarity for parents and to promote quality for children and families.

The following written policies are still legal requirements in the revised EYFS 2017 for group provision:

• Child protection

• Responding to specific health needs of children who are ill or infectious

• Administrating medicines

• Complaints

1. Child Protection

This includes the overall summary for safeguarding and child protection, intimate and safe care, whistleblowing, allegations against staff, use of cameras, mobile phones, recording devices and social networking policy.

1a. Safeguarding children/child protection policy

1b. Intimate Care

1c. Safe care and practice

1d. Whistleblowing

1e. Camera, mobile phone and recording device use

1f. Mobile phone and social networking

2. Equality

This includes the overall summary of inclusive practice, special educational needs, looked after children and dealing with discriminatory behaviour.

2a. Inclusion and equality

2b. Special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities

2c. Looked after children

2d. Dealing with discriminatory behaviour

3. Health and Safety

This includes the overall summary of health and safety. Further recommended information can be found in the health and safety section.

3. Health and safety – general policy

4. Responding to specific health needs of children who are ill or infectious

This includes the sickness and illness policy and infection control policy. Further recommended policies and procedures can be found in the best practice section.

4a. Sickness and illness

4b. Infection control

5. Administrating medicines

This includes the medication policy and form

5. Medication

6. Managing behaviour

This includes the promoting positive behaviour policy and biting policy.

6a. Promoting positive behaviour

6b. Biting

7. Overall approach to risk assessment

This includes the new risk assessment policy.

7. Overall approach to risk assessment

8. Complaints

This includes the complaints and compliments procedure.

8. Complaints and compliments

Policies and procedures

Below are links to PDF documents outlining our various policies and procedures at Harestock Nursery.

Safe and Secure

We take the security of your child very seriously at Harestock Nursery and operate a strict policy that ensures the safety of all our children and staff. Main entrances are secured at all times and visitors can enter the nursery only when they have the express permission of a senior member of staff.

All visitors are asked to provide formal identification and must sign the visitors’ book before an experienced member of staff escorts them into the nursery.

Daily registers are completed so there is a full record of when children arrive and leave the nursery.

Parents and carers please note

Children may only be collected by an authorised "adult” as stated on the child's application held by the nursery management. Under no circumstances whatsoever, will the nursery release a child to any unauthorised person. This includes relatives of any generation.

Should a parent wish for an unauthorised person to collect a child, in extraordinary circumstances, then please contact the nursery directly. Parents may find it useful to have a password for unauthorised collections so nursery staff know it is safe for the child to go with that person