Kids Swinging


Summer 2020 Newsletter

We are so happy to see so many children returning to nursery after the lock down. All the rooms are looking very fresh as we have been very lucky to have had the nursery painted whilst we were closed.


The past two weeks our staff have been spent settling all of the children back into nursery and they have done an amazing job, coping with all of the constant cleaning, hand washing, toy rotation etc. We would like to thank them for taking this all on board whilst keeping both the children and themselves safe.


The children have been busy preparing work for the wall displays, so please sign up to our Facebook page as we will be adding some photos of the children’s artwork for you all to peruse. Each week we will add photos of different areas within the nursery and garden so you can all see what is going inside. [NB Please let us know if you would like to change your consent about children on the Facebook page and can we remind everyone not to share any photographs].


Just a reminder that we are asking that the children wear clean clothes every day and that they do not bring toys (babies sleep comforters are fine) in from home at the moment. Also, everything that they bring in on a daily basis will be sent home.




Regrettably at the end of March we had to say good-bye to Diana and Anne-Marie as they have both moved out of the area and so wish them both well in their new ventures.


We have welcomed three new(ish!) members of staff to the team: Amie, Amy and Ciara. Amie who has returned from maternity leave will be leading the Puffins along with Amy who has finally joined the team after working with us for one year.  Ciara will be working alongside Julia in the Woodpeckers room. Emma and Georgie will be working in the Kingfishers room with Nicky and Angie in the Robins room.




We would love to arrange some events for the summer term but will await until further relaxation of the lock down 

Thank you!


I am pleased to report that Isabelle’s fundraising efforts were a great success; we have managed to purchase the defibrillator, and cabinet which are newly mounted in the reception area. 


Winchester Wellness


We would also like to say a big thank you to Kris Smith a parent at the nursery for a very generous contribution towards this worthy cause. Kris is the founder of ‘Winchester Wellness’ which is a dynamic health management team, based in a bright and welcoming clinic at the Westgate Badminton Centre, Winchester, to provide an interdisciplinary approach to patient care by combining physiotherapy, osteopathy, Pilates, acupuncture and sports massage. Further information can be found in their website:



Information Request 


Thank you to all parents who have completed and submitted their (Summer term?) funding forms. For those parents who have not done this yet, we would be grateful if these could be returned to us as soon as possible in order for us to claim funding for the (Summer?) term.


A reminder for all of those parents whose children start school in September please can you let us know when your child’s last day at nursery will be as we need your 4 weeks’ notice. It should be noted that a number of schools will not take the children in during the first week so if you would like your child to attend the Nursery during the first week of September, please advise us to ensure we can manage staffing levels to accommodate. NB Spring term Local Authority funding ends on the 22nd July for term time only attendees and 31st August for all other. At present any additional days in September will be charged at full price as we will not be able to claim funding for such children.


There is a possibility that as a result of Covid-19 social distancing measures some schools may not re-open in September for Reception classes. We are currently trying to liaise with Hampshire council to ascertain that if this should arise, whether Local Authority funding would be made available for children. Any information that we receive in such regard will be passed onto you. Can we also ask you to advise us if you receive any information from the schools regarding start dates.


We are beginning to get calls from the schools where your children will be attending, asking us to share information on your children.  Can you please let us know if you are happy for us to do this.


Given that we are not currently letting visitors into the nursery we are in the process of asking the schools to provide us with photos of their new teachers and school room in order that we can give the children some ideas of what their school life will be like next year.


Please email or phone the nursery if you have any questions on your child’s development or day or if things change with their routine.


What’s happening in our room?


Nicky is in the Robins room with support from Angie. We have already welcomed some new children into Robins and are working to settle them in quickly. The children will be spending time having fun in a music and dance session, doing some fun crafts for Fathers’ Day and spending as much time out in the garden as possible. 




Emma and Georgie are doing a wonderful job in Kingfishers. They will be exploring healthy eating with the children and tasting different foods as well as looking at themselves and talking about their feelings, learning new words as they go. In addition, they will be looking at big and small things and counting and will also be doing some fun crafts for Father’s Day.   


Julia and Ciara in the Woodpeckers will be looking at propositions, categorising, shapes, sizes and lengths. They will also be doing a lot of artwork with nature so they will be painting with leaves and feathers and pictures with sticks as well as enjoying spending time in the garden. The children are also working on potty training, so please send plenty of clothes!




Amie and Amy in the Puffins room are going to be getting the children ready for school. The children will be they will be matching items and exploring holding writing tools in a pincer grip. In addition, they will be doing lots of fun art activities and spending time in the garden.