Our Rooms 

Robins: 6 to 18 months

The Robins room is a calm home from home where we will seek to follow the same routines parents have with their child. Each child will be allocated a key worker who will liaise with the parents and offer continuity for both parent and child to be able to offer the support ensuring the child's individual needs are met and supported throughout their time at the nursery, with each daily milestone being recorded in their personal diaries.

Sleeping facilities within the nursery are provided by way of a spacious cot in a warm, quiet and airy room where sleep patterns from home can be followed which can include using the baby's own comforters and personal items.

We have a pram trail around the garden for walks and an outside pay area for babies with the opportunity to interact and socialise with their peers and older children.

Throughout the day the child will explore and be encouraged to develop independence and interests in the discovery of new and exciting challenges.

Corresponding with a child's personal needs and parent wishes, nutritious meals can be provided by the nursery which can be pureed, diced etc. Milk and formulas need to be provided by parents.

When a child is ready to move to the next level; Kingfishers toddler room gentle transition will take place which will incorporate short visits with the key worker and some of their peers where all of the child's individual needs can be shared with their new key worker. Parents will be kept informed of every step and will be invited to visit and meet the new team.


Kingfishers adopts a free flow approach over two rooms where children will be able to interact with different sensory materials and approach new methods of play through a wide variety of resources. There is a soft play area for discovering balance and stability. The garden has the facilities for small trikes, prams and push along cars.

Each child will be encouraged to participate in painting, puzzles, imaginary role play all designed to enhance their active learning. This will be child initiated and adult led. All children will participate in a daily story time.

Your children will have days where they are busy and fun but they also need time and space to sit quietly, sleep and relax in a calm comfortable setting supported by an experienced qualified team surrounded by friends

All toddlers will be able to sleep after lunch in a warm secure room with their own personal comforters or blankets.

Toddlers wearing nappies will be changed at regular intervals throughout the day or when required, all nappies, creams and wipes are provided by the parents; we can support and advise parents on potty/toilet training and will support the child and parents through this time. Additional clothing is required at this time

We ask that all children have a change of clothes, outdoors coat, and appropriate footwear which is clearly labelled as we will use the garden daily.

Kingfishers: 18 to 30 months
Woodpeckers: 30 months

The Woodpecker environment is a bright fun filled room with areas for different ages and stages of development. The children will have direct access to the garden and the ability to develop gross motor skills like balance, running, climbing and digging. They can also let off steam!

Children will now become engaged in areas of their own personal interest and staff will try and ensure every child takes an active lead in play. The Woodpeckers will start to focus on listening, communication and concentration skills in a range of activities. They will have time to enjoy different textures in creative play from play dough, corn flour, finger painting, threading, weaving. Circle time will become part of the daily routine with song time to help them learn to recite simple rhymes and counting and story corner will help children discover their love of books and aid visual understanding.

Children will have a freshly prepared lunch and the option to sleep afterwards in our relaxed sleep room dependent on parents’ wishes. Staff will continue to support and guide with toilet/potty training throughout this transition offering praise and encouragement.

All children aged between two and three will have a progress check by a practitioner to review their progress and parents will be informed of the finding

Puffins: 3 to 5 years

During the children’s time in the exciting and colourful pre-school room we will offer them a choice of many different areas to play from mark making, messy play, an ever-changing role play area, home corner or just a chance to sit and relax in our comfy story corner with a selection of books.

The extensive garden has a woodland area with outdoor hut, an area to play with bikes, trikes and scooters and a large grass area which will help children with muscle development and give them the chance to run, jump skip and play with their friends.

Our staff will help your child learn to become independent and help to progress their use of letters, sounds and numbers in line with the EYFS (early years foundation stage) and jolly phonics. They will start to try and write letters in their names and in associated words around them.

We will seek to stimulate their imagination with a range of daily activities which include the use of colour, music and dance. The children will also be encouraged to start understanding about their own and their peer’s emotions - how they feel, and what makes them feel like that.

Puffins would not normally sleep during the day as preparation for their next step in primary school; but if you would like your child to sleep then please speak with their key worker.

When the time comes for your child to start school we will work closely with you to invite the local school teachers to come and meet the children in an environment they know which will assist the transition in every way possible to ensure they are ready for their next journey in life.