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Nursery in Harestock, Winchester, Hampshire


Our extensive designated play and engaging learning areas with a large, secure garden are designed to develop and inspire the imagination.

Our Mission

We strive to provide a warm, loving and secure environment where a child’s imagination is supported and not stifled, where the importance of play and social interaction is seen as more important than being ready for school. The staff will guide each individual child along their own individual learning trail.

We encourage parent partnership and active participation to optimise the child’s growth and development to reach their full potential.


A trained experienced team of staff who will be provided with support and who will be given the opportunity to develop and grow with continuous professional development.

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Nursery in Harestock, Winchester, Hampshire

Our Aims

We focus not just on academics but the joys of being in a classroom environment

Children are accepted for who they are and not by any preconceived notion of what a child should be at their age.

To work within the Statutory Framework and Practice Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Nursery in Harestock, Winchester, Hampshire

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